Članki iz svetovne literature

Dragan Josić. Izgradnja osobnosti

Cláudio Laks Eizirik. The analytic field: bastions, surprises and movement

Antonius Stufkens. WHY THE COUCH? Remarks on some of its functions and meanings

Antonius Stufkens. Intersubjectivity, enactment, and psychic change

Václav Mikota. Therapeutic Alliance, Basic Trust and Mistrust

Aleksandar Vučo. Good Guys

Christoph Walker. Language is homeland – The challenge to find a common language.

Giuseppe Civitarese. The symbiotic bond and the setting

John S. Kafka. What’s New About Time In Psychoanalytic Theory and Practice.

Jorge Canestri. The work of transformation in the psychoanalytic process: interpretation and construction.

Maria Adelaida Lupinacci. Towards Tolerability of Guilt and its Precursors.

Aira Laine. Hate between man and woman.

Igor M. Kadyrov. The Future of Psychoanalysis in Europe. East-West Integration.

Antònia Grimalt. Challenges to the therapist’s “Reverie”

Emanuel Louise. The application of observation skills to work with under fives.

Marta Badoni. Preadolescence, an age suspended.

Stefano Bolognini. V smer štiridelnega modela?


Stefano Bolognini. The Complex Nature of Psychoanalytic Empathy: A Theoretical and Clinical Exploration.

Tamara Štajner-Popović. Double Pact Of Silence? Holocaust Offspring.

Tamara Štajner-Popović. Childhood in the time tunnel.

Eike Hinze. Narcissism: Is It Still a Useful Psychoanalytic Concept?

Eike Hinze. What should we take with us from psychoanalytic training?

Dr.Abigail Golomb. How we use Defenses, Time and Words to Cope with the Unbearable.

Anders Zachrisson. Psychoanalytic Therapies.

Giovanni Andrea Fava. Crisis in pharma-psychiatry.

Riitta Tähkä. Internalization processes – dealing with separation and loss.

Giovanni Foresti. Cuts and sutures.